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Along The Wall -

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All along the wall between us
I look at the wall and see right through it
I lean on the wall, there for us

There is a door, where i am standing
Without a key, without a clue
Without you, i am wondering...
Wondering about you.

It's a cold cold night
Are you gonna call me
Tell me about.. how i go on and on.. about you.

Ooh I would like to know
Who is the wounded one
Which one will make the move
Which one is willing to lose

You're my heaven underground
And my feet the only sound
You're the shadow in my mind
I am hollow all the time.

Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

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pues como ya dije - music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
no hay nada mejor que expresarse a travez de una canción.

My Sassy Girl.

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Charlie Bellow: If we never see each other again... And you're out walking one day and you feel a certain presence beside you... that will be me, loving you, wherever I am.
Jordan Roark: We have to stay alive, because we have to see how the story ends.

Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love.

Jordan Roark: You're wrong. Because time will pass and she'll be fine.
Jordan Roark: That's why human beings exist... to save each other from ourselves.
Charlie Bellow: Your time with her will be the happiest you've been in your life. Enjoy every second of it.
Jordan Roark: As you and I got to know each other, I felt the cloud begin to lift a little bit.
Jordan Roark: And so I decided that you and I would do everything he and I had done. That way, it would be almost like he had never died. And the pain would stop.
Jordan Roark: I hope that I've healed during our year apart, and that I'm sitting with you while you read this. But if I'm not, it's not because I don't love you... Because I do. And it's not because I don't miss you, because I miss you already. It'll just mean that I'm not better. And the story isn't over yet.
Jordan Roark: I like the way you handle me.

Just suppose that the shaping and molding of destiny... is your destiny I wish you a story with a happy ending... and the wisdom to look for it.

Charlie Bellow: Whether we're together or apart, you will always be the woman of my life.
Charlie Bellow: Do we live in the physical world that we can touch, or do we live in the world that we create in our minds?
Jordan Roark: I told you I'd meet a man from the future.
Charlie Bellow: As for the question of destiny... all I know is that even when destiny really wants to accomplish something, it can't do it alone. You still have to go to that restaurant. You still have to show up. You still have to build a bridge... to the one you love.
Charlie Bellow: On the reasons to stop seeing her side we have: One, on going physical danger. Two, high likely-hood of a broken heart. Three, uh career sabotage. Four, she is clinically insane. Five, she seems to enjoy my pain. Six, fourteen piece matched set of Louis Vuitton emotional baggage. Seven, I haven't even kissed her yet, for God's sakes. Uh eight, she's ruining my life.

And the reasons to keep seeing her?

Charlie Bellow: I'm in love with her.

if looks could kill.

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now shes cool, cool black
moves like a cat
if you dont get her game
you might not make it back!


my little decoy.

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Down to you
You're pushing and pulling me down to you
But I don't know what I don't know what I want.
You got it, you got it
Some kind of magic
Hypnotic, hypnotic
You're leaving me breathless
I hate this, I hate this.

Help me come back down
From high above the clouds
You know im suffocating, But i blame this town
Why do I deny
The things that burn inside,
Down deep I'm barley breathing
But you just see a smile.
Close your eyes and make believe
This is where you want to be
Forgetting all the memories,
Try to forget love cause love's forgotten me.

I never was too good with goodbyes.
You made it easy when your greed presided
With all the evil that you've provided
You still put the "good" in "goodbye"
Its my best at your heart
The glass that rips your word apart
Is it the guilt that keeps you up at night when your in bed?
Well you can sleep sound honey, i'll write you a check.


Would You Erase Me?

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I don’t know how many people feel, in this day and age, that there is nobody there for them…or that people they love are too busy to make time for them..Pick em up.. up from their house….up when they are down…just show that they care…. I think we all have this innately in us….were all looking for people who we can count on to pick us up when we feel smaller and more insignificant that we really are.