my little decoy.

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Down to you
You're pushing and pulling me down to you
But I don't know what I don't know what I want.
You got it, you got it
Some kind of magic
Hypnotic, hypnotic
You're leaving me breathless
I hate this, I hate this.

Help me come back down
From high above the clouds
You know im suffocating, But i blame this town
Why do I deny
The things that burn inside,
Down deep I'm barley breathing
But you just see a smile.
Close your eyes and make believe
This is where you want to be
Forgetting all the memories,
Try to forget love cause love's forgotten me.

I never was too good with goodbyes.
You made it easy when your greed presided
With all the evil that you've provided
You still put the "good" in "goodbye"
Its my best at your heart
The glass that rips your word apart
Is it the guilt that keeps you up at night when your in bed?
Well you can sleep sound honey, i'll write you a check.


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