eu suponho.

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Tonight, this rain will be my lullaby, these cars, my dreams are carrying me home to stay, And the hours, well, I don't mind how they creep on by like an old love of mine, it's the years that simply disappear that are doing me in.

I guess i'm just too young, too young to fall in love, but sometimes you meet someone and your guts just burn, but lately it just seems to me that this life has lost its mystery, and these cold fall mornings seem to bite just a little bit harder. This town wouldn't be so bad if a girl could trust her instincts, or even if a girl could trust a boy.
No time for questions, are you coming or are you going to stay? I always meant to say I'm sorry for all the things I said and did. 'Sorry,' I feel better now, do you? but you promised me the sky and fell short a star or two, what else did you expect me to do? I guess mornings feel so damn sad these days.

with those few simple words her heart is sent soaring, she's able to face another day through the anger and the laughter she knows that she matters and somebody out there cares.

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