Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm.

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What do these big cities have in common? Not a goddamn piss, some would say.
In your childhood you had a dream. If you don’t have a dream you could just buy a gun and shoot yourself in the head.

That’s an advice to all the people who doesn’t have a dream. It’s a thing that everyone is striving for; it’s all about being happy. Persistent rehearsing, whatever it is you’re doing. I also get tired on people who says “Everything’s crap, damnit!”.

I’m just not able to stand up to that mentality. Why have a destructive life when you can have a positive one?
For me rock’n’ roll is a positive thing. music, but sometimes I wonder if love is :/
love is so strange...
now's the time when i can say: crap, damnit! :/


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